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Don’t just be strong, be healthy. We have an analytical approach to health & fitness that starts with the person you are and the life you want for yourself. Elitcenter is a product of Jonas Jonason's vision to create a way for people of all ages to become the best version of themself. As a strength and conditioning specialist and an orthopedic medicine therapiest, Jonas is concerned with how the entire body performs and how the different parts of the body work together. We believe that people of all ages can be active and happy with the proper strategies for wellness. Elitcenter started as a small sports medicine center in 2016.  In 2019, Elitcenter moved to its new 400 m2 location at at the edge of the beautiful west harbor, just steps from the ocean.

Elitcenter is also a part of STAC Academy and a CHEK Licensed medical facility, one of only a few in the Sweden. A CHEK Medical Facility is a highly specialized holistic health center. 


Elitcenter began as HTT [Holistic treatment & training]. But slowly grew into Elitcenter with its four element logo. Elitcenter stands for the four essential elements for living a balanced life: Movement, happiness, diet & rest [fire, air, earth & water]. Our vision is to help people become the best version of themselves. We fulfill this by helping our clients in three basic ways:

By uniting enlightened personal training, nutrition strategies and lifestyle management into one program for overall health and fitness—for serious athletes and people who just want to be fit & energized.

By helping people recover from injuries and medical procedures through personalized orthopedic rehabilitation, osteopathy and corrective exercising.

By providing education and training in advanced therapies to physical therapists, fitness specialists, athletic trainers and other health professionals as a part of STAC Academy and CHEK Institute.


Comprehensive Evaluation: When you come to Elitcenter, you will be assessed as an individual, and we will design a custom program to meet your unique needs.

Nutrition Experts: Our nutrition experts create personalized nutrition plans for each individual. You will learn how to understand what your own body is telling you about what you need on a day-to-day basis.

Lifestyle modifications: Stress reduction is the key to a vital, fit you. Here at Elitcenter, we have the perfect team of experts to help you reduce your stressors and feel better than ever before.



Jonas Jonason

Head of facility, Holistic health practitioner

Elitcenters customized fitness and therapy approach is based on Jonas 13-plus years' experience and 10 000-plus consultations as a STAC Elite trainer, CHEK practitioner and Holistic lifestylecoach.


In addition to working with private customers, he is a lecturer and part of the STAC Academy and CHEK Institute.

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Martin Tornblad

STAC Elitetrainer, CHEK Holistic Lifestylecoach level 1, Massage therapeut

Martin has been working as a personal trainer more or less all his grown up life. He wants to help every client to reach their highest potential. He focuses on building you up from the inside and from the level that you are, to be sure to reach the top you got to have a big enough fundation.


Something you might not know about Martin is that he once did 1000 burpees just for fun

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Mark Zawadski

CHEK Practitioner level 3, CHEK Holistic Lifestylecoach level 3

Mark has worked with elite male and female athletes in the sports of polo, tennis, skiing and football including elite level polo teams and players across Europe, The British Alpine Ski Team and Brighton & Hove Albion women’s team, male Academy and female Centre of Excellence.


It is down to Mark's in-depth knowledge and passion for the holistic approach that is the underlying reason why his clients get great results.

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